20 January 2011

Silent ^_^

eerrmm for this sem i most like to silent..
i dont know why.. maybe the environment in my house or in my class is no longer comfortable
for me.. i felt like i'm a stranger in my house.. :'(
my fren noticed that i've changed lately..
but, i dont want to tell her..
let it all stored in my heart..
hhmmm.. what ever it is i still LOVE all my fren..
they are my frens..
i appeal u all, dont put me in isolation..
i'm is ur fren..
if i've do mistake, let me know..
i apologize to u all..
but dont do this to me..



  1. "if i've do mistake, let me know.."

    suka ayat ni..huhu

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  2. nice blog... sila lawat blog saya yer . http://www.noraluv.com/blog/

  3. wah..bagus entri ni... boleh berkembang lagi ni...kekalkan entri yang bagus cenggini..:)

  4. nora : thanks~ i dh follow u pnyer blog :)
    pembawa_wacana : =)

  5. hey . .dont be sad . . i've been in your palce long time ago . .just chill . .follow my blog too